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Simplifying Legal Logistics

About Us

We are a sui generis start-up introducing the concept of a 'legal research hub' in India.


Core competencies have become paramount in the legal profession. In such a scenario legal outsourcing to a core legal research hub in India can offer economies of scale, enhanced efficiency, reduction in expenses and ensure faster turnaround while letting law-firms, lawyers and other legal professionals to continue to focus on their key activities.


Our motto is to deliver superior quality legal research and writing while maintaining client confidentiality. We design our work intake, oversight, quality control and delivery systems to ensure that each client receives world-class quality service, efficiently, securely and in a timely manner.

Lexplore was conceptualized by an alumnus of the National Law University, Delhi, India's premier legal institution, with the aim of providing unparalleled legal research to every legal professional in India. We believe that effective research holds key to raising the standard of the legal profession in this country and thus we aim at providing this key to all. "Simplifying Legal Logistics" goes our tagline.